Insurance Claims for Glass Repairs

At, we can fix your broken, cracked & damaged doors, windows and storefronts.

In many instances, glass repair and replacement are covered by your business or homeowner's insurance policy. At Sydney Commercial Glazing, we will work with your insurer to get the repairs done quickly. Whether you are dealing with a broken window or frame damage, we will expedite your claim and handle it with minimal inconvenience.

Australian Glass Legal and Safety Requirements

Australian Standard AS-1288 covers all glasswork done within the country. These standards are re-evaluated regularly to reduce hazards associated with the industry. Fulfilment of these standards is the responsibility of building owners; if an accident occurs and these standards are violated, the property owner is responsible for any damages.

Our industry experience and our knowledge of glass allow us to answer any questions you have. Call Sydney Commercial Glazing to voice your concerns. We'll offer workable solutions, competitive pricing and prompt service.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Glass Repairs

We handle insurance claims of all types, and we deal with customers from individuals on up to large companies. You can rest assured that our customer service representatives and our skilled technicians are there to make your glass repair as quick and efficient as possible. Sydney Commercial Glazing will work with your insurance company to reduce wait times and inconvenience, and we have the inventory necessary to handle projects 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We work with insurance providers such as:

  • Allianz
  • AAMI
  • HIA
  • GIO
  • NRMA
  • CGU


Our Work Complies With All Standards

All aluminium and glass installed by Sydney Commercial Glazing is in compliance with AS-2208 and it is inspected for continued compliance before it is cut and/or installed. All glasswork done by us complies with AS-1288. Click here to view our PLIC (Public Liability Insurance Certificate).