Frameless Glass Balustrade Sydney

Frameless Glass Balustrade Sydney | Best Quality Glass Balustrade

No matter where we are whether in the office or in our homes, having surroundings that are not only practical but aesthetically pleasing can really make a huge difference to our day. People can underestimate the effect that a dull and boring environment can have on them and design and decorate home and office spaces should always be done with some prior thought.

There are so many different ways to enhance the look of an area but one of the most underused products available to us is frameless glass balustrade. Not only are they extremely practical but are very pleasing to the eye. They give any space a feeling of openness and make even small rooms or offices seem larger. Frameless glass balustrade can be desgined to meet building codes either with or without a handrail.




When used especially at home, they will not restrict views when sitting on a balcony or enjoying time around your pool with friends and family. Although they are available in frosted glass, having a frameless glass balustrade as a pool fence that is transparent is also a great safety feature especially if you entertain a lot or have small children.

In an office environment, they will have the effect of making employees feel that they are not just robots designated to little boxes their entire lives. When people can interact more and be sociable they inevitably are happier and therefore more productive. I’m sure if you ask your employees if they are happy in their little cocoons that keep them isolated from everyone else, they will answer yes. However, the fact is that no one likes to be isolated and most people just say what they think the boss wants to hear.

Once you have decided that frameless glass balustrade are the way to go the next step is to find someone that can do the installation. As beautiful as they are, improperly installed balustrade is a huge danger factor, especially when used on stair areas or balconies. From the obvious dangers of people leaning against them, there is the added danger of if they are to fall any height. Glass panels falling will cause serious injuries if someone is under them.

Companies like Magic Glass are not only qualified and registered to carry out installation work that is up to government standards but they are also experienced enough to give practical advice even if it means that you don’t get exactly what you want. A company that will risk your personal safety just for the sake of landing a project is not a company that you want.


One major consideration to take into account when choosing a company to install frameless glass balustrade is the longevity of the company and how financially secure they are. No product, appliance or anything that we buy in our lives last forever and inevitably frameless glass balustrade will need repair and maintenance. Having a company do the installation work that is not going to be around in a few years is a bad idea for one reason, sourcing of spare parts. All designs are different and parts like clamps, end caps, bar mountings, and handrail brackets etc. are specific to each glass panel that is manufactured. If the company that did your initial work vanishes it may mean in time you need to replace an entire expensive glass frame simply for the fact that another company can’t source the cheap spare part you need.

One last thing to think about before your installation is if you are going to go to a “specialist” company that provides frameless glass balustrade. This will be much more expensive as obviously frameless glass balustrade are mostly glass and these “specialist” companies don’t do the glass work themselves they get companies like Magic glass to provide the glass, do the cutting etc and just add a hefty profit on top. It is commonly referred to as cutting out the middleman and in doing so you could have the extra cash to buy that complimenting rug that you couldn’t afford to due to your budget.

Features of Frameless Glass Balustrade Sydney :

  • Frameless Glass Balustrade are built to Australian Standards.
  • Magic Glass's Frameless Glass Balustrade are WA designed and manufactured.
  • The glass used in frameless glass balustrade is A Grade toughened or laminated toughened safety glass.
  • Frameless Glass Balustrade is either fixed to aluminium base or straight in concrete.
  • Frameless Glass Balustrade will maximise aesthetic appeal and non-restricted view.
  • Frameless Glass Balustrade customisable to suit commercial as well as residential properties.


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