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Looking for glass suppliers Sydney?  Not only does Magic Glass install and fit glass but are Australian certified glass suppliers. Magic Glass has been operating for over 20 years and has been servicing Sydney homes and businesses with their excellent range of glass and aluminum solutions. Magic Glass is Australian owned, fully insured and certified for emergency services. We source our glass locally and our glass is certified to Australian standards. We believe in exceptional quality and service to ensure premium finishes. Call 18 000 GLASS for more information.

If you're searching for the best overall glass suppliers Sydney, then you'll find it at Magic Glass.

Our customers looking for glass suppliers Sydney are searching for an all in one service. At Magic Glass, we can supply, custom cut, install and deliver glass and aluminum solutions to residential and commercial property. We service building facades, glass awnings, shop front windows, glass sliding doors, glass windows and doors, high rise buildings, glass shower screens and many more. Magic Glass is fully insured and certified meaning that insurance claims are made easy. When Sydney residents and businesses think glass suppliers Sydney, they think Magic Glass.

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Here are just some of the glass solutions we offer to our customers looking for glass suppliers Sydney;


The clear vision glass is made with a coating that helps keep glass free from organic dirt, saving time, money, water and detergents - all associated with window cleaning for the life of the window. Cleaning costs especially those associated with large buildings over the life of the building are significant. As one of the leading glass suppliers Sydney wide, Magic Glass' range of clear whole glass provides a quick payback in investment.


There are three components when solving a noise problem. These are external noise, the noise reduction of the wall (windows & glazing) and the resulting noise in the room. A common solution is a laminated glass which is effective at dampening which provides superior sound reduction over the same thickness monolithic glass. Magic Glass's noise reducing wholesale glass uses a laminate that uses a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance.


Whether its a house window, storefront or security facility, As one of the leading glass suppliers Sydney wide, Magic Glass's range of security wholesale glass provides the benefits of daylight and transparency, with peace of mind and security - all day, every day. Our security glass has been developed to resist physical attacks from burglary and forced entry, ballistic attack, bomb blast and electronic eavesdropping.  The range of glass available correlates to the level of ballistic attack performance defined in Australian Standard AS2348.

As one of the leading glass suppliers Sydney wide, Magic Glass is the first choice for residential and commercial properties. Our expert staff will help you
Looking for glass suppliers Sydney? Magic Glass will help you reinvent, reinvigorate and refresh your home or business.

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For a premium service for all glass solutions, call 18 000 GLASS for bookings and a free quote today!

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