Install Aluminium Windows

Although most of us think of advancements in technology in terms of the latest phones, ipads and other personal items, the latest technological advances can be extremely practical and not more so that when it comes to buildings. One of the most time consuming tasks when I comes to home maintenance is repainting wooden windows and more and more people instead of keeping old wooden windows will replace with glass aluminium windows.

Aluminium windows have many advantages over the standard wooden windows and as mentioned maintenance is one of them. The only way to maintain wooden windows is by painting them and when the time comes to repaint trying to sand all the old paint off, in preparation for a new coat, is a very finicky task. Wooden window frames tend to have a lot of grooves that can be almost impossible to get the sand paper in to remove the old paint.

Aluminium windows do away with this maintenance altogether. The way that aluminium window frames are coloured is by a natural process we all know called corrosion. Exactly the same as the rust you see on everyday metals. With aluminium a process called anodising is used where the aluminium is exposed to electrical current in a solution of chemicals and this corrodes a layer which becomes porous. When the dye is applied it fills up these pours and is then permanently sealed by placing it in boiling water.

Once the aluminium has been sealed it is impossible to remove the dye, basically the aluminium itself has been dyed and the only way to remove the dye is to scrape of the actual metal surface containing the colour. This means zero maintenance unlike paint which is just on the surface and due to weather will, no matter how great the quality of the paint, start to fade, flake and peel.

Aluminium windows have clean smooth lines which give a great modern minimalistic look to any building. Due to their lightweight construction and cheaper cost, compared to wooden and steel windows, most new buildings use aluminium windows as standard.  The only other window frame type that is also very common is PVC due to them being cheaper than aluminium and being more energy efficient.  However due to the low maintenance, clean aesthetic lines and durability of aluminium these frames are still the number one choice for most people today.

Aluminium windows can be made more energy efficient by adding more layers of glass, commonly known and double and triple glazing, where the air between the panes of glass act as thermal insulation and dramatically reduce the heating and cooling costs of homes or offices.

Due to aluminium being lightweight the frames can be easily damaged during installation so when you decide to replace glass aluminium windows it is best to let companies that have a great reputation, over many years do the project for you.  This type of project is not a basic DIY project and installing the window incorrectly will create problems that will end up costing more to rectify. Magic glass have been in the business for years and have many happy clients with testimonials from some very big names like McDonalds.