Internal Glass Doors

The way we design homes and offices in the modern era is very different from not so long ago. A lot more thought is put into what effects people emotionally, spiritually and mentally when planning to renovate or build new properties.  Glass is an integral part of modern design, from exterior walls being composed entirely of glass to simple internal glass doors to separate spaces.Glass internal door for home

The reasons for these changes is quite simple, we have progressed to a point where we realize that the more happy and relaxed we are either at work or at  home the more productive, healthier and contented our life will be. Using glass is a very simple, yet very effective way of creating an environment that will make us less stressed.

Life has become very hectic and living in a box surrounded by nothing but walls, with only your desk pot plant to communicate with all day can be very depressing but glass doors give a feeling of freedom and being connected with people around us as well as allowing us to see nature outside as we work or relax at home.

A glass door is not a door, is a door, is a door, is a door. They can become so much more than something that simply divides one area from another. Let’s have a look at the home first to get an idea of what a major difference glass can make.

Most people have homes that include a kitchen, lounge and dining room that will be the focus of the family, apart from the other functional rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Instead of having walls between these rooms, installing frameless glass doors between the kitchen and dining room allows for a lot more interaction and communication between the family and will also give a feeling of openness to the entire area especially if you live in a smaller home.

In an office environment glass doors have similar effects on people and instead of feeling caged in when working being able to just look up and smile as a friendly college walks by enhances our working day and therefore ultimately increases productivity. Most companies use researched scientific data into consideration now when planning an office design try make the whole working experience more relaxing. This is referred to as an ergonomic design.

Internal glass door office

Simply ripping out a partition and replacing it with aluminium framed doors allows more light in, makes people feel less claustrophobic and as mentioned therefore happier and more productive.  Entire walls can be partitioned by use of aluminium framed doors that fold in a concertina effect converting 2 offices into one instantly if needed. Doesn’t seem like rocket science does it? Create a happy working environment and you have happy and therefore loyal employees.

Obviously with glass come the dangers as broken glass can cause fatal injuries but companies like Magic glass are out of necessity due to very strict government regulations very well equipped to make sure that the glass installed is safe.

In the home environment we are worried about family safety first and foremost and installing toughened glass or laminated glass is something all people should do. When it comes to the workplace it would be foolish not to as we now live in an era of legal liability and an employee that is injured from broken glass that is not up to standard can end up in a very expensive legal battle that will be lost if found out that substandard glass was used .

The way laminate glass is manufactured means that it is extremely difficult to break unless extreme force is used and even then when it does break it doesn’t shatter into large sharp fragments but rather into small dull edged pieces. Depending on the circumstances the glass can be further toughened to meet greater safety needs and regulations.

Without a doubt it is going to cost more but installing the correct standard of glass is the law and if you contract a company like Magic glass the costs will be lower and they are ultimately the ones who supply door companies’ glass and that is the biggest cost factor in manufacturing a glass door.