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Premium Shower screens are becoming the standard in many bathrooms. Because of the limited space of bathrooms, shower screens installation is a great choice to create open space and bring in more natural light in particular above and around showers. Premium shower screens installed professionally can provide premium finishes that also help assist in reducing water splashing outside of the shower. Along with aluminum framing and shower finishes, a glass shower can make a room look premium and luxurious. The sense of space and light shower screens can bring only really be translated when you enter a room and realize the level of class and ambiance it provides.

Picking the right type of glass is different for many bathroom rooms. Depending on the size of the limited space most people work with, custom glass cutting is required. Magic Glass's shower screens installation Sydney support team have the experience to give you expert advice on height and width dimensions that would be possible. Maximising space in bathrooms is important so our Shower Screens installation Sydney team will help you get the most of your bathroom and elevate it to another level of luxury and space.

At Magic Glass, our shower screens installation Sydney team can install, fit and custom cut glass and aluminum solutions to fit the design you desire. Most commonly there are 3 types of bathroom premium shower screens installed.

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Frameless shower screens: Frameless shower screens really do create an impact as you walk into the bathroom. There are no supporting posts, frames or other pieces that draw your attention away from the glass paneling. There is the option of a sliding door frameless shower screen that will incorporate the sliding mechanism, however, a frameless option is the best if you are looking for a minimalist look in your bathroom. Another issue regularly faced by people installing frameless shower screens is leveling. With uneven tiles, opening and closing glass frame doors can be obstructed. Magic Glass's shower screens installation Sydney technicians are there to ensure smooth installations and that it is completely level.

Semi framed shower screens: Semi framed shower screens also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and also tend to be minimalist looking as there are only a few areas of the shower screens that have any framing.  There are many different designs available including frameless pivoting doors. Magic Glass has in-house shower screens installation Sydney experts, to cut both glass and aluminum framing to your specific dimensions much like the middle picture above.

Fixed shower screens: Fixed shower screens are a great feature but as the name implies it is fixed so you will need to make sure that you have the space available before deciding on a fixed shower screen.  A shower with a fixed shower screen needs to be longer than average as there is no “door” to open; there is just a fixed glass panel that stops the water from splashing into the rest of the bathroom area and a space to one side of the glass panel where you walk into the shower. Our shower screens installation Sydney team can provide different lengths and widths, from ceiling to floor. Magic Glass has tinted and a variety of colored glass to achieve the privacy effect.
A bathroom is categorized as a ‘wet area’ with regards to Australian building codes and along with strict regulations regarding electrical outlets, the type and standard of glass that is used in shower screens need to be of the highest standard due to the hazards of broken glass. With over 20 years in the industry, there is no need to worry if your installation is up to standard.

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