Replace Broken window

A Broken window in your home is not a big deal and is easily fixed.  It’s best to sort it out as soon as possible because any broken glass can be danger and a security risk not to mention ugly.

The best thing to do is call a glazier that’s close to your home.  Magic Glass are glass experts, we have a fast and reliable team of friendly mobile glass repair men throughout the Sydney area ready to help you fix that broken window and make your home safe again.

There are so many different types of windows its hard to list them all;

  • Small colonial style windows
  • Wood framed windows
  • Aluminum framed windows
  •  Large glass panels

Not to mention glass types:

  • Toughend glass
  • Plate glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Just to name a few.

Our glass factory is located centrally in Sydney and stocks most types of glass for home applications, This allows us to provide a same day or next day service in almost all of these situations mentioned above.

Glass can be dangerous and should be treated with care and expertise. We will always advise you not to remove any remaining glass before our glazier visits your home.  We will take care of the broken glass disposal and replacement with our tools and skills

Laminated or toughened glass, also known as safety glass are, as the name suggests, safer to handle, however old style float glass can be very dangerous. Non safety-glass tends to break into very sharp knife like shards that are very dangerous and will cut you badly if handled without protection.  A trained professional from Magic Glass should carry out this type repair to prevent these types of injuries.