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How to Replace Glass in Aluminium Windows | Magic Glass

Magic Glass has been replacing glass in aluminium windows for over 20 years. If you require 24/7 emergency glass replacement, Magic Glass provides immediate service rain or shine, night or day.

If you decide to replace your own glass for your aluminium windows, then here is a quick guide on how to achieve the best results. Please note that by completing this project yourself, you may risk injuring yourself or others if incorrectly fitted. When attempting to do it yourself, please follow the manufacturers guidelines to ensure you get the ideal fitment.

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Step 1Remove Broken Glass in Aluminium Window Frame

If you're replacing the broken glass in your aluminium window frame, then the first step to safely remove it to measure the glass. Put on tough heavy gloves, a long sleeve shirt and eye protection to protect yourself from shards of broken glass. The glass should easily be taken out with little resistance.

Step 2: Measuring and Ordering Glass

Glass comes in different thicknesses so you need to make sure you measure the thickness of the glass or it won't fit properly.  If the window is broken and is already cleared away you will find some pieces inside the frame you can measure. Once you've measured the length, height and thickness of the glass, you can order your specified size from your local glazier, or alternatively you can contact Magic Glass on 18 000 GLASS for custom glass in variety of solutions including, noise resistant, glare resistant and even ballistic resistant.

Side note: All the pieces of broken glass need to be completely removed or they can break the new pane of glass when you replace it.

Step 3:  Place the window on a flat surface and remove the screws from the top right hand corner and also the bottom left hand corner. You should be able to slide one of the corners off now. If the window is old or weathered just tap it gently with a rubber mallet.

Step 4:  You can now gently tap the rest of the frame with the rubber mallet to remove it from the glass. The key here is to tap gently so as to make sure you don't break the glass.

Step 5:  Remove the ‘glazing bead’. This will either be plastic, rubber or aluminium. Be very careful if it is aluminium, if you bend or twist it, it is almost impossible to replace. As noted in Step  4, make sure that you remove all of the broken glass from the frame at this point.

Step 6:  Place your new pane of glass on a surface. You need to make sure that the surface is smaller than the glass pane so that two sides are hanging over. Replace the glazing bead on the two sides of the glass pane that are hanging over the edge and put the one half of the frame on the pane. Gently tap with the rubber mallet until the glass is tight or seated in the frame. Repeat this step with the other half of the frame and then secure with the screws in both corners.

If you are not totally confident of your ability to tackle replacing glass in an aluminium window, Magic Glass have professional glass technicians that can easily do the job. With 24/7 emergency glass replacement services Sydney-wide, Magic Glass can provide professional and immediate glass solutions.


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