Replace Glass Exterior Doors

The modern world has given us some of the most wonderful ways to create a home or shop that is exactly as we would like it and doors are no exception. Long gone are the days that the only option that you had was solid wood doors. Solid doors can create a barrier to the outside so now there are a wide range of doors that you can replace with glass exterior doors that are standard doors.

exterior glass door installedThere are a few reasons that glass is very appealing to homeowners and commercial business men and one of the most common reasons is basically that glass is transparent. Although most homes and businesses have windows, especially during dull winter days, it is great to have as much light as possible streaming in to your property. There is nothing more depressing than dark rooms during cold winter days.

In days gone by it was always a worry having such huge glass panes in homes as there was always the ever present danger of kids running through them causing serious injury and scaring for life if no fatal wounds which did happen. Today we have more freedom to install beautiful large windows to let more of the outside in due to them being safety or shatterproof and although yes running into them will result in a bloody nose or massive bump on the head there is not that same worry as long as the person installing them adheres to current regulations.

When people think about replacing glass exterior doors they often think that the process is going to be very messy and take a long time however the entire job could be completed in a matter of hours if the company doing the work knows what they are doing. Most doors as mentioned today are a standard size so it would simply be a matter of taking the measurements of your existing door and finding the same size of door that is made from glass.

Companies like Magic glass can even make custom size doors if you happen to have doors that were installed before all the standardising came into being. All they would do is measure your existing door and manufacture one to the correct size and install it. However it is a good idea to have doors that are standard in size as manufacturing companies have created this sizing for our convenience. Have you ever thought how every time you buy a new fridge, stove or other appliance it manages to fit through the door, standardising.

If your door frame is too small and you replace with a glass exterior door that is below standard size you many end up having to rip the entire thing out and replace with a totally new one when you order you next appliance. Magic glass will be able to advise you on the correct size to install so give them a ring.