Replace Glass Sliding Door

There are many reasons people choose to replace a glass sliding door and most of the time it isn’t because they live in a house way to close to a golf driving range. Having an old glass sliding door that constantly jams can be very frustrating and eventually when the door starts to get to this point it will jam permanently and more often than not when it is open. Sometimes it is just a matter of replacing some of the moving parts like the rollers that do wear and tear through the years but sometimes the door just gets too old and you need a new one.

glass sliding doors in whiteAnother reason may be that you have just moved into a new home or are renovating and you just want a modern look and feel to your home. The most common types of sliding doors are aluminium and uPVC but the designs can vary greatly and finding one that compliments your home makeover is easy enough. As an example let’s look at the colors available for aluminium. When people think of aluminium they always imagine that silver looking metal in its raw form but you can get aluminum frames in almost any colour you like these days as well as the following more unique styles; dual colours, realistic wood finish and metallic colours. These are just a few to give you an idea.

Undertaking a job like this is not a simple one due to the size of the door and although you can do it by yourself if you have above average DIY skills, getting a professional to install it is a better choice. It cannot be emphasized too much the dangers associated with sliding doors. Broken glass in a sliding door presents a very real danger to all family members. With the safety standards that are around now all new sliding doors have laminated glass, basically two sheets of glass laminated together with plastic. The majority of the time when these are broken they only crack and don’t leave the dangerous sharp edges. However it is sometimes not possible to know what type of glass you have and older sliding doors may have annealed glass which is extremely hazardous when broken and can cause severe injury or even death.

Replace Glass Sliding Door-magicglassWhat most homeowners are unaware of are the legal aspects associated with building standards. Most people presume that it is the installer or builder that is liable for anything that they install. Although they have to have insurance when working on your property in case of accidents the liability rests on the homeowner regards the standard of the product. If people are injured due to a broken glass sliding door it is the homeowner who is liable. That is why it is very important to make sure that whoever installs your sliding doors have credibility and a good reputation.

Magic Glass have over 20 years’ experience in glass products and replacement and are up to date with all the latest technology that will ensure that you not only have an aesthetically pleasing sliding door but one that ensures the safety of you and your family. Considering the dangers involved in replacing a sliding door, not to mention the legal ramifications of installing a substandard glass sliding door, for peace of mind give them a call and let them install or repair your glass sliding door.