Replace Glass in Window Frame

magicglass-Replace Glass in Window FrameCrash, clink, tinkle, you just heard it and know that your children playing outside have just hit a six, scored a try or just decided that they would try the, throwing the bunny at the window scene out of Open Season on your kitchen window and there is going to be glass everywhere. You jump up; run to the kitchen and find glass everywhere, but no surprise, no kids in sight. What is your first thought, yeah we know, throttle the kids, but they have vanished so the only thing to do is clean up the mess and replace the glass in the window frame. So how do you go about it?

Depending on the type of window that you have will depend on how easy it is to replace the glass. Basically you have a few types of window frames:


  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC



Wooden window frames are the easiest to replace the glass as it is just a matter of scraping the old putty off, inserting the new pane of glass and sealing it with putty again.

Aluminium and uPVC can be more difficult due to the way the windows are constructed. Not all companies design these windows exactly the same so it is difficult to give an idea of how to replace every type of glass pane in these types of window designs.

Even if you have a good level of handy man skills when it comes to replacing glass in window frames it is always best to have someone who is experienced do it for you. Apart from the obvious dangers of glass being extremely sharp there are other considerations that you need to take into account. We live in a society that is very closely regulated by the government and even though repairing a simple glass panel may seem silly there are building codes for every part of your house. From the water pipes to the washers that are used in the kitchen taps. For windows certain types of glass needs to be used in certain areas and certain rooms. When you go to the hardware to buy your new glass pane they may not have the latest information and you may end up installing the wrong standard of glass.

The main problem with this is that, as we know, most accidents happen at home and if someone did hurt themselves badly by a broken window at some stage down the line it is not the hardware owners that is going to be blamed if the wrong standard of glass was fitted, it is you who is going to be liable.

Magic Glass are always up to date with the latest government legislation and they have to adhere to all building codes in order to operate so your best option when faced with a broken window is give them a call. It is going to save tons of time anyway instead of trying to find out the correct type of glass building codes require, going to the hardware or lots of different places if you can’t find the exact glass you need.  Magic glass offer a 24 hour emergency service so there is no need to worry about what time you contact them they will have your widow repaired by the time you can find out what type of glass you need.

Once you have contacted them you can get on with more important things, like finding the kids and throttling them.