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Replacing Glass at High Levels | Magic Glass

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Magic Glass has helped define the Sydney skyline. Replacing glass at high levels, in particularly in high rise buildings is work that requires professionalism and experience. Due to the inherent risks of working in areas with high populations, Magic Glass has the resources and equipment to achieve the level of glass standards required in Australia.

Replacing glass at high levels also require strict standards on the type of glass utilised to withstand various weather conditions and are structurally sound. All glass at Magic Glass is sourced locally in Australia and is certified to Australian standards. Magic Glass is Australian owned, and is fully insured & certified. Our experienced team can offer 24/7 emergency glass replacement in rain, hail or shine. Call 18 000 GLASS for a free quote today!

In order to carry out the process effectively, it is important to hire an expert from a company dealing in glass services. Glass is delicate and poor handling of the material can easily lead to more damage and loss. Besides, replacing glass in a tall building requires certain conditions, which you must abide by in order to proceed. Here are just some of the requirements for such a project to be successful.

  • Use of a crane: Cranes are often available in registered companies, and as an individual, you may not be able to own one. However, it is an important requirement if you want to replace glass in a skyscraper. Involving an experienced company for glass is the best way to replace glass in tall building because they own a crane and qualified experts to carry out the activity professionally.
  • Closure of public roads: Since glass is both delicate and dangerous, replacing it in a tall building may require road closures. Road closures  require staff who can communicate and adapt to traffic conditions. Have the experience to maintain traffic flow efficiently in particularly busy roads is also important. Magic Glass has years of road closure experience with staff trained to manage traffic.
  • Technical knowledge and experience: Tall glass buildings are built in different designs and shapes, which only experts in the industry can understand. With new architectural designs demonstrated the
    However, if you hire experts from a glass company, you can get the job safely and professionally done.
  • Obtaining permits from council: It is easier for a recognized company for glass to approach council offices for various permits needed to carry out the exercise.


At Magic Glass we offer a range of glass solutions for replacing glass at high levels. Here are just some of the glass we offer;


The clear vision glass is made with a coating that helps keep glass free from organic dirt, saving time, money, water and detergents - all associated with window cleaning for the life of the window. Cleaning costs especially those associated with large buildings over the life of the building are significant. Magic Glass' range of clear whole glass provides a quick payback in investment.


There are three components when solving a noise problem. These are external noise, the noise reduciton of the wall (windows & glazing) and the resulting noise in the room. A common solution is laminated glass which are effective at dampening which provides superior sound reduction over the same thickness monolithic glass. Magic Glass's noise reducing glass uses a laminate that uses a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance.


Whether its a house window, store front or security facility, Magic Glass's range of security glass provides the benefits of daylight and  transparency, with peace of mind of security - all day, every day. Our security glass has been developed to resist physical attacks from burglary and forced entry, ballistic attack, bomb blast and electronic eavesdropping.  The range of glass available correlates to the level of ballistic attack performance defined in Australian Standard AS2348.


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