Types of Glass Used in Homes

When it comes to glass installation or replacement, users would like to know the strongest type of glass.  This calls for expert knowledge of glass manufacturing, glazing standards and other more technical aspects of glass.

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Magic Glass estimators tell you what different types of glass exist for different purposes. For instance, there are certain types of glass that must be used depending on the location of the replacement or installation. These types of glass are used in high-rise glass buildings, aluminum framed glasses, and glass roofs, atriums, or patio roofs among others.

Another category is, architectural glass, various types of glass exist for various applications including glass pool fences, and glass internal walls etc.  In such applications, experts can tell you what the strongest type of glass is and why it should be suitable for your project. Without proper knowledge about the different types of glass, you may not be able to know the variations in their strength and other qualities. That is why only qualified glass experts like us can tell which type of glass is suitable for what application.

Decorative glass types are also available for various functions. Decorative glass is mainly used in the following applications:

  • Shower screen repair and replacement
  • Installation of wall mirrors
  • Custom glass for desk tops
  • Custom glass for shelving

The last category of glass is the specialized type, mainly used in special applications. Such types of glass include toughened glass, tempered glass, curved glass, laminated, and bullet resistant glass among others. Even though these are specialized glass types, they in fact have varying qualities and strengths and properties, which only an expert can advise you on correctly. That is why in your bid to know what is the strongest type of glass and why, you need to consult an expert from glass industry to draw the differences and find out what’s best for your situation.

Glass is a versatile material, which is suitable for many applications. If you live in Sydney and want to know which type of glass is best suited for your needs, you can get in touch with us at Magic Glass, where you can get the best advice and prices from experts who do this everyday.

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