Using Glass in Office Fit-Outs

How your office looks says a lot about your company. Clients can know the taste and personality of the management of a company based on the looks of the office space. Employees also feel happy and they perform better when in a feel-good workplace. As such, it is important to ensure that your office has a modern and impressive look. 

Using glass in an office fit-out is one of the best ways of setting your office and company apart. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, there are myriad ways through which you can transform the look and feel of your office using glass to make it class 😉


Office Partitions

Partitioning an office is very important in ensuring that the available space meets the unique operational requirements of the company and its staff. Use of glass to partition offices is a growing trend among modern companies wanting to create a prestigious image.

Glass office partitions are made of laminated glass in most cases and are very strong. This ensures that the glass used in partitioning offices does not injure the employees or visitors in the case of breakage (protecting you from liability too). One of the major benefits of using glass for office partitions is that it ensures privacy especially when tinted. Glass also reduces sound transmission while ensuring the beauty of the office.

Office Foyers & Entrance

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Your office foyer / entrance gives your workplace its character. It acts as the public face and first impression of your company to both staff and visiting clients. Using glass in your foyer or entrance creates a great first impression to the visitors. Apart from allowing light in the entrance, glass also creates a great fresh look when the entrance has been carefully chosen and installed lighting compliments the install.Since your foyer or entrance is a crucial adaptation area for people visiting your office or company, glazing it with the right material is very important. Using glass in the entrance or foyer area also makes the work of the receptionist easier. A little-thought-of benefit of glass entrances is customer service.  Think about it, now your receptionist can easily see people arriving at the company and be ready to greet them before they even open the door. Genius Right ?Creating Open Space With-in The Office 

In the contemporary corporate world, open plan office paces are the norm. If you like the efficiency and feel of open plan offices then glass walls or partitions are perfect for separating some private space while maintaining the open look & feel..

It feels good for employees when they have both open and closed spaces in the company offices where they can go and do personal stuff such as making personal calls or simply having a time out. Thus, when you use glass for this type of space you might want to frost it or apply a special film to increase privacy a little. This will save time and enhance productivity of the employees and the company.


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Glass fit-outs can be clear or frosted or have custom films applied depending on the privacy needs of your company and each space internally. This means you can use glass on nearly ever vertical surface in any office fit out or building. While you need some open spaces, you also need offices that ensure privacy of the employees which is why this is such a great option.

Clear glass can be used for open spaces in the company while frosted glass can be used to partition offices that need privacy. Thus, there is a variety of partitioning options for you to choose from depending on the privacy needs of each area in the office.

Undeniably Modern Look.

Using glass in office fit-outs has many different impacts on your office environment. When chosen and installed properly, glass fit-outs are attractive and act as a great way of modernizing any office that’s getting a bit dated. As the saying goes, first impressions last and the look and feel of your office has great impact on your customers.  An impressive office creates the impression of a professional and prestigious culture for your company in your customers. This will go a long way in influencing the deals that you sign with your customers and determining whether they will want to work with your company again. Therefore, you can use glass in office fit-outs to create a modern and impressive look for your customers.

Cost effective

Using glass for walls and patitions is surprisingly cost effective compared with many other materials. This is because when installing glass, you consider the specific requirements of your space. This ensures that only exact products that meet the unique needs of your offices or company are used. The result of this is a practical, attractive and cost-effective finish with out messy plaster board materials and painting all the surfaces after.

Thus, using glass in office fit-out enables you to create an ideal workplace without spending a fortune. You only need to know how you want your offices to look like and then work with Magic Glass to change the vision to a reality.

Fast installation 

When you have a good plan and an experienced professional to help you, installing glass in office fit outs is easy and fast. You just need to consult with us to establish exactly what you want or the final look that you want your offices to have.

Both single glazed and double glazed glass have an easy and cost-effective installation process when you work with an experienced professional. This implies that after getting a quote and signing the contract with the experts it will take you just a few days to have the glass fitted and fully installed in your company. Nevertheless, the speed with which the fit outs will be installed depends largely on the size of your office and its style or design.

The Installation Process

project management diagram
Installation of glass office fit-out is a process with five main phases. They are as follows:
1. Initial Ideas and Concept: 

This entails discussing your design concept with the your Magic Glass Glazing consultant. You generate ideas of the way your office should look after glass has been fitted in or used to partition it. Design experts can work with you to capture your ideas and come up with offices that look just the way you want and fill in any gaps in technical knowledge and let you know whats possible and practical and help with costings. You can also be shown our huge portfolio where glass has been used in office fit-outs to determine which concept suits the needs of your company best.

2. Visualization and space planning: 

Your concept is applied in the available space to come up with a visual plan that demonstrates your ideas. You will be required to check and confirm the concept. This ensures that all your ideas are incorporated in the plan and everyone is happy with the implementation.

3. Sourcing & Implementation: 

Once you agree to the concept, the work starts with sourcing for the necessary glass fit outs. Involving experienced experts (like us) ensures that you have superior quality glass fit outs that meet the unique requirements of your company or workplace and legal requirements too. (yes, there are legal requirements for glazing)

4. Reporting & Project Management:

Regardless of size or nature of your project, you should always be informed about the progress of the project. Therefore, your Magic Glass consultant will report the progress of your project and operations to ensure that everything is done as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

5. Approval & Handover: 

Your approval is sought in every milestone of the project. You will also get appropriate documentation to ensure your satisfaction with every aspect of the installation process.

By enlisting services of Glazing experts with over 25 years experience, your company will not only get the best looking offices, but also value for the money you invest in the project. Therefore, hire services of the Magic Glass if you are planning to use glass in any office fit-out.