Windows for Home Renovation

If you have been living in an older home, one that was constructed 10 years or more ago, it may be time to install modern windows.  This is especially so if you’re current windows are the kind with single panes of glass.  You need to upgrade to the newer, more energy efficient kind. You need to consider several things in order to know whether or not it’s time to make this change.

First does your home become too cold in the winter months and is it too hot in summer?  When you walk by the windows do you feel cold or heat coming through them?  Or do you notice your curtains blowing even when the window is closed? And how are you monthly energy bills doing?  Are they getting more and more expensive with time?  Another sign that you need to change them is if they ice over or fog up or rattled on a windy day.  If these signs are evident in your home then it is time to get new windows installed.

Glass installed in home renovation

In order to install new windows in a home you will need to start by taking the necessary measurements and the number of windows you want replaced.  With that information you will be able to get a rough estimate that will give you a good idea of what it will cost you to get the windows replaced.  This will help you with budgeting and give you an idea on the investment in your home.  An accurate quote for window installation will be given to you after one of our professional glaziers has come out to take proper measurements.  Remember, It’s not just glass you’ll be paying for, there will also be costs associated with fitting and installation as well as labor.

Installing the new windows will give you 3 main things – greater security with glazed windows that shatter on impact versus breaking into dangerous shards, beauty giving your home greater aesthetic value and energy efficiency saving you money.  Some of the quantifiable benefits will include a reduction in the cost of cooling and heating your home.  Your home will also become less drafty and therefore more comfortable.  You will find that noise from outside your home is reduced significantly.  Damage from ultraviolet rays will also be reduced by up to 99.5% and the windows won’t require any maintenance.

It is in your best interest then, in light of these clear benefits, to contact Magic Glass or your glazier and ask about windows for you home renovation.  A quick consultation will get you an accurate quotation and you will be well on your way to window home improvement heaven.