Tempe Tyres


About Project:

Replacing Glass at Tempe Tyres recently.  Magic Glass had to bring out the heavy lifting and high reaching equipment for the job.

Posted on:

May 3, 2015

The Job:

Removal of existing panels. These were very large and very heavy laminated glass panels. Notice in the pictures the original pane of glass is still in one piece but badly shattered. This is due to a clear layer of PVC thats melted into the laminated glass when being manufactured.

Due to the size of the glass panel and its sheer weight and the fact its 8m off the ground, Magic Glass brings in a commercial scissor lift and crane for the removal of the old glass and also the fitting of the new custom made panel.

Here you can see our team using a crane combined with a mechanical vacuum suction lifter to hoist the new panel of glass from the truck below up to the second story.  This specialized heavy duty equipment is essential in modern construction and also repairs of modern buildings.

Finally, here you can see the new glass panels just about in position.  These panels weigh over 40kg are13.52mm thick and custom made clear toughened laminate with 4 holes pre-drilled to suit the mounting brackets inside the buildings structure.

Technical specifications: 

Polish all round. Sizes: 1 off (2975 x 1588), 1 off (2975 x 1310) and 1 off (2975 x 1432).

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