Terms & Conditions

Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade - Supply and Supply and Install

Payment terms are as follows unless otherwise agreed

40% deposit, before the job is put in production.

40% on first delivery, prior to goods being unloaded off the truck.

20% on completion/installation. If payment is not made goods will be removed from site.

Keys given/handed over upon final payment.

Cash, cheque or credit card payment upon delivery/installation. EFT only if funds cleared or lodgement receipt supplied prior to delivery/installation.

Surcharge of 2.5% applies to all payments by AMEX.

Late payment fee of 1% per day will be charged on balance due until full payment is made.

If the payment is not received by specified time, Magic Glass reserve the right to remove the goods from the site.

All cost of debt recovery, commissions and legal cost will be paid by the client.

Note: All jobs that are supply only require the client to pay in full prior to delivery and require a 50% deposit with order.


The client is required to ensure that Magic Glass installers have clear and free access to the work site at all times (blinds and /or window furnishing to be removed by the client),all care taken but no responsibility for any damaged to furnishings if not removed by the client.

In the event that magic glass is booked to attend site and cannot perform the required works as the site is not ready, there is no access or the client has not informed us in writing at least 24 hours prior not to attend a fee will be charged for the waste of resources.

In cases where installers have to clear the site where working to gain the access, an extra cost may be charged.Level hobs and waterproofing membrane to sill to be provided by builder.When removing existing frames all care is taken but no responsibility for e.g. Render stuck to window, paint on gyprock, bricks, unless due to clear negligence of Magic Glass.

Special Instruction

Magic Glass installers are required to leave the site neat and tidy but no vacuuming is done (drop sheets used only), the work is dusty and all sensitive items should be covered by the client.

Horizontal lifting by Magic Glass. Vertical lifting by builder/Client (unless agreed otherwise).

Scaffolding and specialised vertical lifting movement of our frames is not included.

Should any be required, it is to be supplied and erected by the builder (unless agreed otherwise).

This quote is subject to a site inspection for access and safety.

Individual Keying is not included and master keying for different types of windows and doors are also not included.

Shop drawings are not included (unless agreed otherwise).

Lead times: 4-6 weeks from deposit paid, having confirmed all details and sizes. Lead time is only approximate and can vary at any time without notice.

No tests have been allowed for. Previous test available upon request.


1 year on moveable parts and seven years on workmanship.

Warranties are not valid until final payment is received. Glazing/Compliance certificate is not issued until final payment is made. All Payments are made under the security payment act.

Magic Glass retains the ownership of the goods until full final payment is received,nonetheless all risk for the goods passes to the client on installation.

We do not accept any responsibility for thermal breakage in glass. Please note Low-E laminated glass is particular susceptible to thermal breakage.

No responsibility in slight variations in colour of powder coating or any variation in anodising.

No responsibility for rust or tea staining of stainless steel hardware near coastal areas.

We are responsible for waterproofing of our windows only. If structure is not waterproofed correctly warranties are voided.

No protection to windows and doors unless specified.

All care taken by Magic Glass but no responsibility held for any future leaks Magic Glass will endeavour to match the existing colour as close as possible however due to old versus new we are not responsible if the colour does not match 100%


The client shall inspect the goods on installation and shall within seven (7) days of installation notify Magic Glass of any alleged defects, damage or any other failure to comply with the quote.

Failure to comply with this provision of the goods will result in the presumption of the goods being free of any defects or damage.

Magic Glass’s liability is limited to replacing the goods or repairing the goods.


Any client's variation to original contract are to be given to Magic Glass in writing and signed by the client.


No refunds for cancellation of orders once production has commenced and client is to pay for any work in excess of deposit received.


Upon acceptance (deposit paid) of these terms and conditions, by the client the terms and conditions are binding and con only be amended with the written consent of Magic Glass.

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